What is wewe and why I build it

Updated on 2019-07-17 by timqian

Wewe is a tool used to sync group chat message to the open web.

Core values of wewe

  • Open group chat to the internet
  • Search engine friendly
  • Extract topics from message history

Why I build it

Several weeks ago, I started doing a transparent startup experiment(Chinese) and created a wechat group for people who are interested in it.

To my surprise, more than 500 people joined the group and we got some interesting disscussions in the group. However the disscussions are only visible to the group members, people outsite the group might also find useful info from the chat history, but they never got the opportunity. And every group chat has this issue, no matter it is wechat group, slack group or telegram group. There is a giant amount of information hidden inside group chat and people outside that small group might find it useful. I think it will be great if there is a tool can bring the valuable/meaningless info to the open internet.

I explored some mainstream group chat tools, no tool can sync chat messages to the internet and make them accessible to search engine.

Toolgroup historyopen on the websearch engine accessibletopic extraction

So I start to build wewe.

How it works

For slack group

I created a slack app, and after user install this app on their group, wewe can get messages from that group via slack API

For wechat group

I make use of wechaty, which is an official wechat bot implementation, so group admin need to invite me into their group chat so that I can receive the messages from that group and record messages to database

Source code

As a product of t9t.io, wewe is open sourced on GitHub, you can find the implementation details there.


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